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  • Purchase Tramadol For Dogs Online

    Ninety-two percent of Australian children aged 5-14 years use information and communication technologies including computers, with increased use correlated with higher age. 87% of boys and 80% of girls regularly participate in electronic screen-based activities.


    As a result of this increased usage, Chiropractors are treating more young patients suffering from unhealthy computing behaviours, which can include frequent and long durations of exposure; awkward postures due to inappropriate furniture and workstation layout, and ignoring computer-related discomfort. Many children are already suffering from repetitive motion injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic pain in the hands, back, neck and shoulders.


    Emphasis needs to be placed on teaching children how to properly use computer workstations. Poor work habits and computer workstations that don’t fit a child’s body during the developing years can have harmful physical effects that can last a lifetime. Parents need to be just as concerned about their children’s interaction with their computer workstations as they are with any activities that may affect their children’s long-term health. To reduce the possibility of your child suffering painful and possibly disabling injuries, Chiropractors suggest the following tips:
    1. If children and adults in your home share the same computer workstation make certain that the workstation can be modified for each child’s use.
    2. Position the computer monitor so the top of the screen is at or below the child’s eye level. This can be accomplished by taking the computer off its base or stand, or having the child sit on firm pillows or phone books to reach the desired height.
    Additionally, postural abnormalities in adolescent years have been recognised as one of the sources of pain syndromes and early arthritis in adulthood. Therefore, posture should be checked and corrected in children before more serious problems can occur.

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